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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brad Pitt S Reverse Aging Amazes Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton

" What to fascinate of s is we era all in these little ones films and they the ll all be it is a [like un anthology]. Its first love in the 30s in Russia, " Swinton has said. Like , in the imminent film of the curious case of the key of Benjamin, Pitt ritrae someone that suffers a ? rare from state of d reversal-aging that to cost says is narcotic behold. One of they. Scott Fitzgerald, Pitt plays the key with nearly 80 years of its life. " Task it s that it goes to be extraordinary." On the base of the history of F. " The programs that have been developed for that one are going as soon as to jump all dall water, " the Oscar-winner of , the 47, the zampillate news of to approximately employed technology in order accelerating ? and turning behind ? l clock on Pitt. I m. ". As soon as like MERLIN the stregone, than " youthened" rather older, programs than to age behind. " There are approximately eight sections and I m.


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